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Lwhat do buyers wantNew construction homes – What do buyer’s want today? is the key question for builders.  The National Association of Home Builders just published their survey of what new construction home buyers want and the results may surprise you.

The #1 most important item to them was not a Master Bathroom nor a home theater, grand family room with a fireplace or in-ground pool.  The most important feature to new home buyers is energy efficiency.  The figures are impressive:


  • 94% want energy star appliances
  • 91% want the entire house energy star rated
  • 89% want energy star rated windows
  • 89% want ceiling fans.what do buyers want

So the #1 answer to what do buyers want today is energy efficiency.  This more than anything else is their priority.

The #2 desire is a well organized house.   As a result, the following items are prized by buyers:

  • Closet systems including drawers
  • Bathroom linen closets
  • Walk in kitchen pantries
  • Garage storage systems that handles everything from gardening to bicycles

Home buyers look for terrific storage because they want a home that’s clutter free with easily accessible places to put everything.   Homes work for them – they don’t want to work on a house.  As a result, how they use a house must be easy and hassle free.

Desire #3 is the community where the home is located.  Suburban, quiet neighborhoods still rank #1.  As a result, new construction no longer overcomes noisy or poor locations as it once did.  I have seen this a lot recently.  There is a gorgeous new construction duplex on the market over 1 year because the location isn’t terrific.  A few years ago it would have sold right away.

Elevators are no longer a highly prized luxury feature because 70% will not consider a home with one.  Because of this elevators do not add value to a high end home.  Master Baths must have a tub (not exclusively sumptuous shower stalls) and back yard living rooms are no longer in high demand.  Magnificent spa pools sell today more so than outdoor living what do buyers wantrooms.  Comfort rules the day.  Buyers prefer indoor dining after a dip in the pool where it’s bug free and air conditioned.

The bottom line is that efficiency, organization and location are at the top of the list leaving the “bubble” luxury amenities in the dust.  New construction home buyers are much more practical today.  This is the answer to what do buyers want today and builders have taken notice.

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